Front Range

About Us


Welcome to Front Range Goldendoodles!  We're a small family breeder located in Colorado Springs and our goldendoodles are truly part of our family.  We first fell in love with goldendoodles when we stumbled upon the breed in the search for our first family pet.   Since getting our first goldendoodle we've never looked back.  Our goldendoodles have brought us so much joy and we love the way goldendoodles fit into our active family lifestyle.    When we took  the step into breeding we knew we wanted to do it right.  Our goal is to do all we can to ensure that others get to  enjoy the same benefits of a home raised, healthy pet for their family.  We believe in raising puppies in our home where they are loved on daily by our whole family.   We also believe puppies should be socialized in the home where they learn the sights and sounds of a home and where we can get to know each one's  individual temperment and personality.   We want to ensure that our breeding improves the goldendoodle breed and we want you to have the best chance of getting the perfect addition to your family.