Front Range

Health Guarantee

Front Range Goldendoodles has done what we can to ensure that your goldendoodle puppy comes to you happy and healthy.  We've done our homework and the testing so that you have peace of mind, knowing you've made a responsible choice in choosing your goldendoodle.  Our puppies come with a two year genetic health guarantee that the puppies will be free of the following inheritable genetic defects seriously affecting the quality of life including: 

  • Hip Displasia
  • Von Willebrand's Disease
  • Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
  • GR PRA2
  • NEwS-Neonatal Encephalopathy

Should the puppy to be diagnosed with any of the stated genetic problems before they are 24 months old, Front Range Doodles will reimburse the buyer for vet prescribed treatment expenses up to the original purchase price of the puppy.

All testing and examinations are the responsibility of the buyer. A licensed vet must provide proof that the genetic defect exists and the vet must certify that there has been no apparent accidents and the dog is in otherwise good health. 

Before you pick up your puppy they will have been taken for their first vet visit, received their first vaccinations and 3 dewormings.  Each puppy should be taken to the vet of your choice within the first week after adoption.